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Introduction to the three beneficiation processes of gravity separation, flotation and magnetic separation

Apr 18, 2023

Introduction to the three beneficiation processes of re-election, flotation and magnetic separation


China's vast territory, rich and productive, has been proven mineral resources of many kinds, the total amount of more, but the actual development was found that a variety of mineral resources rich ore less, more poor ore, less single ore, more associated ore, in order to make full use of these mineral resources, the country vigorously develop the beneficiation process.


Today, re-election, flotation, magnetic separation process to carry the majority of mineral beneficiation, let us take a look at them!


A, Gravity  separation process

1、Preparation of raw materials

The raw materials for re-election should go through the process of crushing, screening and grinding in order to meet the feed size of the re-election equipment.


2、Water washing and desliming

The re-elected material should be washed with water to remove the excess silt and stone powder on the ore, so as not to mix into the re-elected concentrate and affect the grade of the ore.


3、Gravity separation classification

The Gravity separation method commonly used Gravity separation equipment jigger, shaking table, chute, etc., the use of different specific gravity of the particles in the medium (usually water, air, heavy liquid or suspension) in the different settling speed, will be useful minerals and associated with the separation of mineral particles.


Second, flotation beneficiation process

1、Preparation of raw materials

Firstly, the raw material should be crushed and ground to a fineness of 0.2mm or less, and then added to the flotation chemicals and stirred well in a mixing drum.


Grinding can make the useful mineral particles embedded in the ore and associated vein as far as possible to separate; flotation agent is to strengthen the difference of floatability between useful minerals and associated vein; stirring is to let the agent and the mineral particles fully function.



The slurry is charged into the flotation machine, which relies on mechanical agitation or air charging to produce a large number of bubbles in the slurry.


After the role of flotation chemicals, the hydrophobicity of useful mineral particles more obvious, easier to attach to the bubbles, while other minerals with hydrophilic stay in the pulp, completing an important step in the separation of minerals.


The mineral particles attached to the bubbles float to the surface of the pulp with the bubbles, and then are scraped out by the rotating scraper, which is the concentrate we want, and the product left in the pulp is the "tailings".


Three, magnetic separation beneficiation process

1、Preparation of raw materials

The raw material preparation stage of the magnetic separation process also requires the process of crushing and grinding, first grinding the ore into fine particles.



Use classifier to classify the ore particles, which can remove most of the useless ore particles in advance and reduce the working pressure of magnetic separation equipment.


3、Magnetic separation

Using the characteristics of different ores with or without magnetism, the magnetic separator can draw out the useful ore particles with magnetism from the non-magnetic associated vein, to achieve the purpose of separating the two.


In actual production, these three beneficiation processes can not only be independent beneficiation, encounter with a variety of types of associated ore, but also can be used jointly, the various types of concentrates in the ore one by one, to understand their process flow, to facilitate our processing of hundreds of ore separation.



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