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  • Helping wollastonite intelligent sorting, extending the development of the enterprise industry chain! Helping wollastonite intelligent sorting, extending the development of the enterprise industry chain! Apr 01, 2023
    Helping wollastonite intelligent sorting, extending the development of the enterprise industry chain!   Wollastonite as a new industrial mineral raw materials, mainly produced in the acidic and contact metamorphic zone, for the composition of the main mineral components, wollastonite in China's distribution, from the north to Heilongjiang, south to Hainan Province, and Xinjiang have deposits distribution. 19 provinces, autonomous regions found wollastonite ore production 86 (of which 8 super-large, large 13, medium-sized 24, small 32, 9 ore points). Among the 77 deposits, 244 million tonnes of wollastonite ore were identified, and 227 million tonnes of wollastonite ore were retained, with Huojiadian in Lishu County, Jilin Province having the largest retained reserves, accounting for 40% of the country's total retained ore reserves; the remaining four provinces, Yunnan, Jiangxi, Qinghai and Liaoning, accounted for 49% of the country's retained ore reserves; five provinces, Zhejiang, Hunan, Anhui, Inner Mongolia and Guangdong, accounted for The remaining four provinces are Yunnan, Jiangxi, Qinghai and Liaoning, accounting for 49% of the country's reserves; Zhejiang, Hunan, Anhui, Inner Mongolia and Guangdong, accounting for 10% of the country's reserves; Jiangsu, Guangxi, Hubei and Heilongjiang, accounting for 1% of the country's reserves.     China's wollastonite resource reserves   The consumption structure of wollastonite in China: glazed bricks and ceramic blanks mainly, accounting for about 50%; metallurgical protection slag and welding treaties account for 20%; paints and coatings account for about 10%; plastics, rubber and paper fillers account for about 10%; construction materials, asbestos replacement and other applications account for about 10%.     For a long time China's wollastonite resources mining and sorting processing has been in the rough development, wollastonite mineral processing level and scale compared with Western countries is still relatively backward. Performance in the application area is narrower, the product grade is lower. In recent years, with the regulation of national industrial policies and market mechanisms, the development of mining enterprises has gradually entered the track of standardised and healthy development, and the production scale, product categories and economic benefits of wollastonite enterprises have been substantially improved. In particular, there has been great progress and development in mining and beneficiation technology.   With the development of time, wollastonite mine resources are constantly facing depletion, easy to mine stone reduction, lower ore grade, increased sorting costs and other issues, as well as national restrictions on the approval of new tailing ponds, has been the existing tailing pond capacity reduced, resulting in a significant increase in tailing disposal costs, while external environmental protection also brings huge pressure on mining enterprises. How to reduce costs, improve the economic efficiency of the mine, but also in line with green environmental protection, the introduction of new equipment, new technology is a good choice.   Recently a large domestic wollastonite enterprise has improved its sorting process by quoting Mingde artificial intelligence sorting equipment. The raw wollastonite ore enters the sorting equipment after crushing and dissociation, and according to pre-learning and modelling, the concentrate and tailings are accurately identified, enriching the low burn loss wollastonite concentrate. The overall sorting effect, concentrate yield and stable sorting of the equipment all meet the customer's psychological expectations.   Guangxi a wollastonite enterprise original sorting process mainly to large particle size manual hand-selected mainly, the follow-up by understanding the use of Mingde artificial intelligence ore sorting machine, after investigation to understand through the Mingde artificial intelligence sorting machine, can fully sort out the wollastonite original ore mixed with black stone, calcite and a small amount of quartzite, through sorting to achieve the purpose of electing wollastonite.     Tailings                                                     Finished product   Mingde artificial intelligence sorting equipment, no use of pharmaceuticals, no grinding, equipment operation mainly electric drive, through the compressed air for blowing sorting, sorting cost is low, basic pollution-free, equipment intelligence degree is high, simple operation, advanced technology, fully able to meet the enterprise sorting requirements. Standing in the new era, green mines, intelligent ore sorting has belonged to the development of new trends, new directions, through the introduction of new technologies to speed up the construction process of intelligent, automated mining enterprises, can greatly enhance the use of ore resources and economic benefits of enterprises.

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